Simple calculations

We've tried to create the software very effective way. Here, all the necessary things have been presented. So you do not have to be lost in the midst of a vast ocean. All the useful things you can easily remember.


Easy Design

Its so common software has been designed. Very fast pace so that you can manage your work and you can easily visit all the features.


Secure Cloud

At the outset, we have made our software architecture is very safe. This is a popular cloud service can use. All things to do to protect your valuable information to have as part of our daily work. So you can manage your business worry-free.


New Added

Easy POS, Low cost for Restaurant/Cafe

joipos hotel cafe

Some Features of JOIPOS


Daily sales calculation, purchase accounting, pay and receive money account and you can see all kinds of expense's calculation

Dashbaord Image


You can easily sell your products using online pos form anywhere. There is a feature to cancel your wrong sell.

Sales page


Sale, purchase and important addition to the daily cash report includes all types of reports.

Daily cash transaction


You can manage to take payment from the customer given. Costs and other income can be calculated. In addition, you can do all the calculations of the bank.



You can easily manage your inventory. You can inform present store's stocks. You can buy. There are some others useful features in inventory module.



You can save all the employee's necessary information. You can search employees using mobile number and name. You can manage the monthly salary including salary advance.

Employee page


You can save all the necessary customer's information. You can search customer information by mobile number and name. In addition, you manage customer's area/living place.

Customer Page


You can create any kind of product, with your own product, category, brand, unit type, and stock-Place can be created.

Items Page